A thought process and equally essential questions…


Why a distribution for physical recordings??

In these times of Spotify & Co.?

Is no one interested and in what distinguish you from others?

These and similar questions I had to listen to from the family circle and circle of friends, and I was, admittedly, offended at the first moment (I think anyone who is convinced of an idea will unfortunately have already had this experience, which the headwinds from the family and from friends is especially painful), but at the same time I started to ask myself the same question, why a distribution for physical recordings (CD's + LP's)?

In order for me to answer this question properly, I have to go back a few years, to 2007…

Oh, first of all I should imagine, my name is Michele Angelini, I have been playing since the 14th. year of guitar and since the 16th Year of year in bands, my vintage is 1972, has had its own record company since 2007 and since 2008 has its own distribution. I still love making music and playing in bands and still believe that you can make/compose/embarrass/release/distribute your livelihood and above all pay homage to the music.

But back to the narrative…

In 2007, my friends from Toscana, the Dithyrambs, a band I've known since I was 16 years old, got me their second self-produced CD ("Free to be filthy", hammer album, read the reviews on the website of the record company www.beautifulscumrecords.com ) sent. When I listened to them, I decided to finally make nails with my head, to found my own record company (Beautiful Scum Records) and to make this CD available to the public as the first official act. What I then did with some detours (remixing and mastering CD, officially founding label, Gema & GVL, etc.).

After this initial hurdle, it was necessary to find a distribution, because meetings in music magazines and on the radio can be forgotten, unless you are available in the "official" trade. So I tried to get into one of the many distributors (big and medium and small), but no chance, not the slightest. The only advantage was that, in contrast to cancellations at record companies or publishers (certainly the aspiring authors already know this problem), the cancellations came quickly, so that the next decision was made quickly: to start their own sales department!

Personally, I think there's a lot of music that's worth listening to and buying, so I haven't given up and I think there are still enough people who buy CDs and LP's and especially the physical and digital work together perfectly to be able to. That's why this sales!

I am planning a distribution for physical and digital music, a digital radio station, based on (gema-free) music from distribution, which is played in continuous rotation (all for the time being randomly), possibly independence from the normal Platforms (because let's face it, who should sign up here when they disappear into the nirvana of large platforms for digital music (whether steaming or acquisition)) and above all an opportunity for bands/musicians/authors/artists/DJs/projects/authors etc., which is nowhere to be Find your home and have decided to take the whole thing into your own hands as far as possible.

To the costs and conditions of registration, etc. to find out, just go to the terms and conditions of it.

For the first time, thank you for your time reading through and…

Give the sales and give you a chance!!